Spread Love, Not Lies…Justification

​Morning Glory what’s the story?…Justification…why do you need to have a reason for everything? God didn’t have a reason to create you. Nor did he ask or demand one for everything you do day to day in this life. Yet we ask and demand this very thing from others, our families and even ourselves. . And once it’s given, What do we do next? We ask for more justification.Wow! Gives full credence to the saying, “It is what it is”..God,  prolly has been saying this very thing all along. Justification does not explain or fix anything that’s already been done or said. All it does is extend the shelf life of discussion of a situation and cast doubt in your confidence and abilities to willfully live your life. Without apology and by your own God given terms. As when you question others of their ways, you in turn,  deter and condemn them in those same freedoms. Just because you breakdown your actions doesn’t change what was done or said. It’s just more unnecessary verbage  to appease or possibly mislead.Got a new one..”Don’t explain, keep the change” You’ll be better off..Spread Love , not Lies y’all


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