BETTER IN BLACK: Decendently speaking

the hottest rnb in the d.. and friendly with the indies!!

Hip Hop, is going thru an identity crisis..Purists, who believe that it should look or sound a certain way versus what it looks and sounds like today. When what we should be, is proud when future and the past intersect to create something we all can enjoy and respect. With that being said, I have to Thank the Soundcloud Gods for their dependency on algorithms. For without the aforementioned programming procedure, I may never have been introduced to , and now a full on fan of the Hip Hop/ Soul, brother and sister duo ..BETTER IN BLACK. .comprised of Shayy the MC and Blac Natrol, they breathe and carry a torch for Hip Hop like it was the 90s. With a style heavily dependent on a mixture of Bone Thugs like cadence, with the sensibilities of Souliquarians: ATCQ, De La Soul, and the Roots, add in vocals reminiscent of Badu…

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