Morning Glory.. Change vs. Adjustment

Morning Glory what’s the story?…Change…I hear so many people say they wanna move. “I think I wanna move to …”Atlanta”. Is more popular than moving to vote!! I see nothing wrong with weighing your options in your current state of life and deciding a change is necessary for growth. But, too many people make the physical change and not the mental change. You can got to the Black Utopia that Atlanta has become or to Hollywood or New York or where ever you feel will  light your stagnant fires. But if you carry the same work ethic, same motivations, same attitudes and worse yet the excuses. You are merely relocating your problems to a new location… or Atlanta. Donald Trump is in DC, as President, unfortunately. The problem with that is , Donald Trump the Real Estate Mogul and egomaniacal TV Reality (Whose Reality?) Star is in DC as the President. Meaning, Trump whose ways of doing business and aptitude is more suited to the business world of Real Estate and Entrepreneurship, as well as Trust Fund Babyism. Has yet to perform and appreciate the job he has found himself in. Yet we (or they I ‘m not ) wait for him to step up and embrace some kind of earnest and respectful diplomacy. He refuses and is unwilling to do this. The President of the United States is supposed to be about the People as a whole, the Nation. Yet he has yet to perform and distinguish himself as a man of the people for the people. He still has maintained a business mans attitude of Kill or be killed, and “Me” above all others. His transition has been rife with missteps and cues of selfishness. He Never changed himself to perform as a servant rather than a master. He is just Trump in D.C. rather than President.

So if you should decide you are due for a change begin with the change of adjustment of self for the task at hand. We as adults make a change dependent on situations everyday whether it be dealing with your children, your significant other, friends and even friend work relationships. SO if a major change is being approached prepare yourself not just physically, but emotionally and mentally to respond and rise to the occasion. Els while a severe wakeup thru failure awaits us. YOu may have said a dozen times.. “I feel this and that about here. I wanna get out.. Maybe I’ll just pack up and move to … Atlanta” Yet when you get to the Black Mecca of Atlanta, you find a difference in attitude and mood amongst the people there and maybe the job situation isn’t to your liking , where you stay isn’t what you envisioned and the whole thing seems like a BIg Mistake. That’s when your adjustment should either have already taken place, or should begin to kick in to make the situation work for you. Its always easiest to quit. Because quitting is the easiest future to read. You know what happens if you quit. There are a million different ways of saying coulda, woulda, and  shoulda.. but only one way to make things happen and that’s powering thru to the other side of adversity called success. Iyanla Vanzant has a saying called “Do the Work” which has the very direct connotation of “Do”. You have to be ready willing and able to , to “Do” the work and make the adjustments to make something work for you. Without a necessary and detrimental adjustment of self.. you may have changed the atmosphere around you, or your environment physically..but carrying the same attitude and ways of being with you like Samsonite luggage.. you are merely just Trump in D.C. …