Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (LLNHHATL)  Season 6 Episode 5


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (LNHHATL) Season 6 Episode 11

Well folks there’s so much that we can only take Karlie and Joseline come to an understanding but not without the ratchetness first, Dime and Melissa stage up a meeting between Karlie and Joseline and what an emotional roller coaster it was! Karlie ended up storming out the room, Dime tries to quiet Karlie down “you know how Joseline talk”. “No I don’t put up wit that, I have to be respected no no no! At the other end you got Melissa chattin it up with Joseline calming her down, “dat B!*** do to much!” “Her feelings are hurt.” “F her feelings!” They little pow wow continues, Dime and Melissa never expected it to get this out of hand! I don’t know about dat? Karlie really got emotionally upset; “there’s so much “ish” that I can take…I always have her back!” Dime the mediator tells Karlie to just calm down and let’s start over, Joseline is the only one who can make Karlie that upset the more she doesn’t listens to her the crazier she gets. With emotions calmer everyone gathers back into the room; Dime looks at the girls and says, breathe, calm, then Joseline calmly begin again, “you look very nice today”. Thank you”. “I apologize for everything we been through I just don’t want you to be on no rah-rah sh** with me… I just want you to understand I don’t have no beef with you… all Karlie gotta do is keep my business and my name outta her “beef sucker” and we’ll be cool”. How you love those instructions!? Karlie’s not sure if they will ever get back the way things used to be but hey it’s a good start; they both hugged it out and squashed all the negative vibes toward each other. Focusing on positive vibes Joseline is going to the next level, she’s co-hosting “The Real” a daytime talk show in Los Angeles, get yo coins hunny! She definitely brought life, spilled some tea, sexuality, raunchy and ratchetness to “The Real” the best way she knew how to! Speaking of spilling some tea guess who’s dating professional basketball player, Shawne Williams of the Milwaukee Bucks?! Jessica Dime! She revealed her man to the world and she’s happy and enjoying their relationship; go ahead do yo thang Dime congratulations! She just might be moving to basketball wives (BBW). Did somebody just say moving?! Well that’s right up Stevie J’s alley because he wants Joseline, yes! I said Joseline and the baby to move in with him as he wants to endeavor on business deal together with Joseline once again; “I’m good Stevie”. Stevie is optimistic as he sees a smile on Joseline’s face; “it’s gone happen…when I see that smile I know something’s possible”, however Joseline is convinced when it comes to business, personal, or anything they don’t work out. Peep this, Joseline just told Stevie she bought her tickets to go to Miami and she’s taking Bonnie Bella with her, Stevie is not happy with her decision, “the baby ain’t going no where, where I’m at that’s where she at”. Joseline’s trying not to bring the courts in but if that’s what it takes for her to get that 20,000 monthly child support and to take the baby with her then so be it. Going from 0 to 100 Karlie seeks revenge on Joc and what better way than to do it in fashion at Karlie’s grand opening of her boutique. With Joc in attendance of course, Karlie makes an entrance not by herself but with a boo on her arm!, it’s Ceaser of “Black Ink New York”! Joc wasn’t the only one enjoying playing in the field! Well Ms. Le’ Le’ about to go so I can catch me a professional basketball player I’m feeling like I just might meet my future husband today!

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