Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (LLNHHH)  Season 4  

 Love and Hip Hop Hollywood (LNHHH) Season 4 Episode 7

Ray J has one wish and that wish is for a new artist he’s working with to transform her image and she goes by the name of Bridget Kelly who used to be signed to Jay Z. Right away Ray J ask Bridget to belt out some melody to see what she’s working with but Ray J’s not impressed instead he has this idea for her that he can just picture her “with a fur coat and a bikini under it”!  But Bridget is reluctantly not feeling it… then Ray J pops on a track and tells Bridget she’s gotta be a risk taker hopefully Ray J can pull this off because he hasn’t been popping since his last hit “sexy can I” in 06! Somebody is not a happy camper, Moniece squares off with A.D’s best friend Tiffany, after much bad blood swimming around. The three meet up at a restaurant and first up on Tiffany’s agenda is Moniece is not a lesbian she feels A.D is convenient for Moniece involving her son and A.D’s money! “Let’s just keep it real Moniece your an opportunist”! How? I think Tiffany is the “opportunist riding A.D’s coat tail just to get her 5 minutes of fame and picking a fight with Moniece to stay relevant girl let Moniece be happy with A.D and move right along honey. Moniece reassures Tiffany that she takes care of her son by herself without A.D’s help. A.D had a feeling that this meeting was going to go left; “I don’t need her, I don’t need you, I don’t need anybody so F what you heard, I take care of me, I take care of my son”! All of a sudden Tiffany turns the tables and inform Moniece that she hasn’t had as many D’s as she has! ” I know a lot of rappers, I know a lot of ball players, I’ve heard a lot of s#*+ and you have the audacity to call me a walking condom B*+€£ bye”! Wow! Did Tiffany just put Moniece in the corner?! Sounds like neither party is ready to mend fences. Moniece jumps up and exits the building leaving A.D and Tiffany, no apologies given! However Ray J is apologizing to Princess for his low sperm count! Ray J finds a nice beach spot to tell Princess the real reason why he’s been avoiding her! It’s not easy but somebody has to do it. “Some sh*+ been happenin to me…my sperm count is low”. There it is Ray J didn’t want Princess to know he’s having problems making a baby. “How do you know your sperm count is low?” “Because I went to the doctor!” “You went to the doctor…awww you do care!” Princess is relieved she thought Ray J was avoiding her because he didn’t wanna have a baby, how wrong was she! Princess is happy that Ray is trying to get his sperm count back up by leaving the cigarettes alone and getting back in the gym. Now that’s what I call love for better or worse. Well folks that’s enough ratchetness for me. I don’t know about y’all but I’m ready to eat some barbecue and have some drinks with the fam, don’t forget to tune in tonight at 8pm on VH1 so we all can chime in on What in the ratchet?


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